Monday, April 11, 2011

Prayer/Comfort Shawls

Now doing prayer/comfort shawls.
Gave three classes at Sherman Hospital in March and April this year. You can see some of the shawls and the beginnings at  PRAYER/COMFORT SHAWLS.  These were delightful sessions and everyone was so enthusiastic.  Beginning on May 5, 2011 there will be a new group meeting to create prayer/comfort shawls at St. Thomas More Church.  If you are interested in joining the group, just send me an EMAIL for more information.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Prayer Shawls Delivered

Five prayer shawls were delivered to the chaplain at
Sherman Hospital, Elgin, IL today. 
My dear friend, Barb L, donated much of the yarn and I was lucky to have the time to crochet them. There is one more finished except the fringe and a second one about 1/3 of the way crocheted -- and Barb donated more lovely yarn today for another shawl.  Without donations and support, I couldn't keep up with it.  thank you one and all.

The lovely blue is currently being used in the Meditation Room at the hospital as an alter cover.

Label for Hats

Was delivering prayer shawls to the hospital today and stopped in at the Cancer Care Center -- here is a picture of the little labels that the coordinator has added to the caps that Stephanie and I have donated.
I was doing some calculating and believe that since September (3 months ago) with the help of my daughter, Stephanie, and friends Dee, Lynn and Sue we have donated over 50 chemo caps, 40 baby bonnets and 15 prayer/comfort shawls -- and I have a soft red and ocean/multi colored shawl finished except for the fringe.  Will do that in the next couple days.  I must also note that I have received many donations of yarn from my dear friend, Barb L., and cash donations for yarn from many other friends.  The proceeds from the few hats and scarves I sold have gone to the purchase of more yarn to make items for charity.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Gathering....

Here is a gathering of hats to go to either the local cancer care unit or Halos of Hope -- I will try to sell a few at the upcoming craft show to get some extra $$ for making more -- I think for each one sold I should be able to make 2-3 hats from the yarn I could purchase thru the sale of one of these hats.  

Daughter Stephanie in California has taken up the crochet hook again after many years and sent 10 lovely caps to be included.  I love being able to share projects with her even though we are 2000+ miles apart.  I must confess I kept one of Steph's hats for myself -- (not pictured) -- Mom's get to do that, right?

I also finished up 3 more prayer shawls.  I kinda confiscated the black one for myself -- the others I will keep here so I have a couple on hand so I have some to gift to my family and friends.

Friday, October 8, 2010

? Pom or no Pom ?

These are really tiny little newborn hats -- deciding to put pom pom on top or not -- think I will --
Have lots more photos of about 10 more chemo caps and 24 newborn bonnets made by friends Dee and Linda.  There are also wonderful adult caps made by daughter, Steph, this is so wonderful to share with family and friends.

Monday, October 4, 2010

4 More Photos ~ Items 4 Charity

Baby Bonnets made by one of my Canadian friends, Dee
These are for the hospital nursery

More hats that I have made for distribution
The one in the bottom right is a man's cap

One more that I have made

The above bonnets were received from Canada today
Made by friend Linda -- who donates TONS of hand made items to 
charities near her in Canada.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spiral Pattern Caps So Far....

Sunday Sept. 19, 2010
Three football games today and I completed three more hats

September 18, 2010
Here are 5 I have finished so far with the Spiral Pattern